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Key to creating balance and harmony in life is to be in balance and harmony within yourself and with your environment. Stress - be it personal, environmental, spiritual, acute, chronic or episodic - can lead to energy imbalances which can manifest in a wide range of symptoms and diseases. Acupuncture is a tried and tested system of medicine that has been used for thousands of years and it can help with a huge range of conditions. It is also useful for maintaining good health and strengthening the body’s resistance to illnesses.

Five Element Acupuncture addresses the natural patterns of energy that exist in nature (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) and in us humans. When the energy flows well, we are in harmony with nature and the natural healing power that exists in nature is also in us. Our health will be in the best shape possible and we will feel a sense of well-being and vitality.

Stresses can disturb our energy balance and start to introduce chaos into the equation. The five elements will then go out of balance and one of these five will be hit harder than the others. This particular element, the weakest, will cause us the most problem in our lives. When it is under siege, various physical and/or emotional symptoms will arise, causing the person great discomfort and distress. All of us have one element that is the weakest and strangely, it is also the one that holds our best potential!

It is during the consultation that the practitioner has the job of identifying this element and forming a treatment strategy to support the client’s energy. With ongoing treatments, not only are the presenting symptoms relieved, but the aforementioned potential is released. The client is not only freed from the discomfort(s) but finds that they have a more genuine choice to live life to the full.

It goes without saying that all acupuncture therapy at Anam Cara is safe and only practised by skilled, qualified and experienced practitioners. Its effects can be transforming for a whole range of conditions, from diagnostic, specific and results-driven acupuncture to more holistic treatments that encourage spiritual as well as physical healing and wellbeing, leaving you feeling physically reinvigorated, emotionally soothed and spiritually rejuvenated.

Needle phobia

There are a few people who strongly dislike needles or are particularly sensitive to them. These people can still benefit from acupuncture as special crystals can be used instead of needles. The results are just as effective.

Optional deep acupuncture

We also offer an enhanced treatment, which is given via an induced relaxed state using guided visualisation and regression techniques.

What can acupuncture help?

There are three main areas where Five Element Acupuncture can be used:

  • Long-term conditions. Here, the symptoms are continuous or appear periodically and conventional treatment may have little or no effect. Acupuncture is often a great help in such cases and may even be used to avoid or reduce medication, with your doctor’s consent.
  • Preventative. Acupuncture keeps the whole body in balance. Energy patterns show up potential health problems before they happen. Sorting this out in advance helps prevent illness and promotes a sense of good health.
  • Beyond illness. Acupuncture can be used to help you achieve your full potential physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. This style of acupuncture corrects a person’s fundamental imbalance, which means that it can help most ailments including those not responsive to conventional medicines.

Anam Cara’s practitioner has spent over sixteen years working with energetic imbalances and has become familiar with the many forms of energy imbalances that affect us. His desire to work at the fundamental, causative level of healing takes him deep into the client’s energy geography so that the necessary changes can be effected. When not in practice, he spends time in nature to understand and experience nature’s rhythm and flow and how it relates to our own. This way, his Five Element work is strongly informed by the natural world and our connection with it.

He says, “The Anam Cara way is new to me. After working within this modality for a while, it seems the clients I work with like what they are experiencing. I see clients as people who are ready to move on, leaving their wounds behind them to explore an improved quality of life. I am part of a team to help this happen using my own - probably unique, as with all practitioners - quality as a healer.”