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You would think that it would be quite stressful itself working with people that are suffering from a multitude of ailments from stress, loss, depression, anxiety through to phobias and acute health problems. But when you first meet Sonia you will find one of the most calming, laid back people you are likely to encounter.

It was Sonia that set up Anam Cara Holistic Centre on the Tamworth Road in Sutton Coldfield. As an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and executive coach she has over twenty years experience working in the field of personal and professional development.

“Anam Cara is something I had always wanted to eventually set up”, she tells us “a Centre where we could bring together a handpicked team of skilled and experienced therapists, most of whom are educated to at least degree level, where we could deal with multiple ailments, issues and challenges. The team has specialities in a wide range of therapies, ensuring whatever problem you face, we can help. We are often so much more than the sum of our parts”, she adds.

Where appropriate the Centre can work closely with GP's, to provide treatments from psychotherapy to chiropody, chiropractic care to counselling. The Centre treats clients individually or as part of a team or group, e.g. family therapy or business training.

“Although we often deal with clinical issues, our practitioners work in an environment a world away from the usual medical surroundings”, adds Sonia “Anam Cara is a calm, relaxed and peaceful environment, where everybody is made to feel welcome. This is so important when you need to acquire the full story of each individual and provide an integrated overview of the mind, body and spirit.”

The Centre has a mission to help, support, heal, educate and provide a clarity of understanding of the well being of each unique client. They look to treat those people that are aware that they have something missing or wrong with their lives but more importantly are willing to help themselves.

“We can help discover the nature of an illness” Sonia adds, “and help promote well being... but it requires the patient to be motivated to take responsibility for it and to be pro-active in the treatment. We always work collaboratively with our clients.”

Sonia is extremely reassuring when she speaks and you are aware that she enjoys the work she leads at Anam Cara, caring passionately for the people who entrust themselves to the integrated team that work with her.

“I find it very rewarding working with both my clients and my colleagues here at the Centre. We continually work hard to ensure we all share the same goals and aspirations, and all of us take great satisfaction seeing our clients and patients achieve their successes and often full liberation from their illness and traumas, and working well for themselves with what we have taught them.”

Sonia knows there is still more she can creatively and holistically achieve through the choices she can offer clients at Anam Cara. Therefore she has significant plans for the future, hoping to expand the Centre into a second building within the same local area. All to help even more people on their journey to health, fulfilment, self belief and liberation.

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If you're reading this, you've already taken an important step. You already know that you have questions that need answering, a curiosity to satisfy, difficulties to confront, maybe even a crisis to deal with.

With over 20 years' experience as a psychotherapist, executive business coach and counsellor, Sonia Manning leads a team of holistic therapists who can help you to overcome your difficulties and turn a crisis point into a turning point.