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Turning SAD into Happy


I am in such a different place now to where I was last year.

I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I’ve always hated the cold and dark. The winter months had become a long, difficult, painful period.

It was only when I started speaking to Sonia that I realised and understood that my condition and the thought processes that fed into it were linked to my childhood experiences. This was a real revelation but one that made total sense – events in childhood really do inevitably affect us.

As an only child my Mum and Dad were always quite busy, meaning I was left with other people a lot. My Dad, whilst caring in his own way, was back then, and remains, emotionally unavailable and distant, and it was during these early years that the all-embracing feelings of coldness and isolation became established.

I did spend a lot of time with my Grandma, who gave me love and warmth but she died when I was ten. No-one ever asked me how I felt about it.

Working with Sonia has given me the chance to explore the past and discover what triggers these feelings today. It’s only from understanding why I feel the way I do now that I have been able to make changes. It’s not a miracle cure or anything – I still have dark days but not as many. It’s just about finding anything that gives me that feeling of warmth and light– both mentally and physically.

I’ve learnt to look at the world differently. I always try to remember that no matter what the weather is like and how I’m feeling, Spring will come.

I am feeling much better and I’m just so grateful for that. If I hadn’t done anything about it, nothing would have changed.

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