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Many Routes to the Right Path


“There is nowhere else like this place in the area, with so much expertise, breadth of knowledge and with such a commitment to working as a team to ensure our clients are helped and cared for in the very best way possible for them as an individual. That is why, when I moved to this area, this was the only centre I wanted to work for.”

So says Dermot, who joined Anam Cara recently to practise acupuncture. It is a vital point: everyone is different so the approach to tackling your issues should be an approach devised just for you. At Anam Cara, the practitioners are both individual experts and also a unique team, where each knows the others’ work – indeed; we’ve often experienced each others’ work as a client in order to understand it better –so we are confident in referring clients to other practitioners. The only goal is to give the client exactly the right treatment they need at that time – and also to ensure they feel safe and cared for.

To us, the body, mind and feelings are all intricately linked. This means that clients’ issues can be dealt with on a number of levels and, importantly, we can always start at the very point our client really needs us – this might be in response to a physical crisis, a mental crisis or an emotional crisis; or it might be an unexpected event or accident. Whatever brings you to us is the place we will start.

Often problems which stem from the mind can have physical consequences, and by working on the body, our practitioners are able to both ease those physical symptoms and unblock the route to greater fulfilment through working with the mind, feelings and spirit. Sometimes the body can hold the mind back, sometimes the other way round.

Acupuncture, for example, is a wonderful way to stimulate the body into starting to release some of the blockages that have built up over time, to allow energy to start flowing freely again. It is often done in tandem with a talking therapy, which helps to manage and guide that energy and to deal with the issues, experiences and feelings that had caused the blockage. While acupuncture – and other therapies – can help release anger, grief, frustration and much more, it is always important to deal with the reasons for the pain. It’s all too easy to assume that as the pain has gone, so has the problem – but it hasn’t and it needs to be dealt with. We will look for the root cause behind the issue with which you come to us – this may be something you’re aware of but equally likely is that you have acquired issues that you are unaware of and would never discover yourself. It’s important to acknowledge the issue, take ownership of it and deal with it. Many people don’t realise how common it is to carry problems with them that may have been building over a lifetime or even over generations , which is why so often they come to us saying, ‘Something’s not right but I don’t know what it is.’ We can find out.

Helen, a clinical hypnotherapist at Anam Cara, says, “Much of my work is very goal-focused – losing weight or stopping smoking for example – but often underlying issues will come out during the process and my clients and I might choose to work on those too. Equally, it may be best to refer the client on to one of my colleagues if that is the very best next step for them or if they need some other work first in order to make my treatment more effective.”

“What we don’t want to do is raise painful emotions then not deal with them fully. That may be a short journey or it may be a long one, but we’ll be with the client every step of the way as they seek the freedom to be themselves without the constrictions friends, family, colleagues and society places upon them.”
“Indeed, it is important for clients to be able to go to someone outside of their usual social, family and work circles. Someone who is not involved in their life can look at the situation with objectivity, and clients feel they have permission to be able to speak freely. ”

The Same But Different

Whichever practitioner you work with, some things remain the same. They will always want to talk to you first, to understand a little about why you have come to us and what you hope to achieve. Every relationship between a practitioner and client is different and each practitioner will want to understand you in their own way.

One of the things Anam Cara’s clients value most is the skill and experience of our practitioners. We ask only experienced, perceptive and skilled practitioners to work with us; we don’t take on trainees. Our practitioners also come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a wealth of diverse experience in both life and work. We can all draw on a great deal of holistic experience, and as a self-aware team we can also draw on our own experiences and our own journeys. This experience also helps the team maintain a strong objective perspective so that if they realise you would make better progress with another practitioner, then they will advise you accordingly. The only result we want to see is you walking out of our door, not needing us any more – and we don’t mind how you get there.

Your initial assessment is the point at which we will begin to understand your issues and your needs. It doesn’t matter what brings you to us or what you say, but our experience tells us that we will learn enough in an hour’s assessment so we already have a clear idea of the right treatment path for you.

We’ll decide on your treatment between us – you’d never be asked to do anything you don’t agree to. Talking or no talking? Hands-on or hands-off? Gentle hand-holding or robust challenge? Acupuncture, psychotherapy, reflexology, regression, hypnotherapy, coaching? Any of these – or something else – could be your starting point depending on the initial assessment we’ll make with you. But however we choose to work, you should know that the whole team at Anam Cara is with you as you seek to become who you want to be, who you should be. We will help you take ownership of your life; you will be empowered and reconnected to yourself. You will leave us not only having dealt with the past but equipped to deal with the future. Let us help you to be you and to reach your potential.

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An Open Mind Leads to a Whole New Life

Rekha is one of Anam Cara’s clients and has experienced many of the therapies available as she has undertaken a remarkable journey over the last year or so. Practitioners credit her open-mindedness as the reason she has made so much progress in such a short time from the moment she walked in full of anxiety, confusion and lack of direction – as well as skin complaints and other painful physical symptoms. “She came through the door a lost soul,” says Sonia Manning. Rekha takes up the story:

I came to see Sonia because I got to a point in my life where I was feeling lost. I needed direction and I needed to make sense of everything. I was 43 and running a successful business with my husband – in fact, I’d been working longer than I cared to remember.  I perhaps didn’t realise just how hard I had been working – until I started talking about it.

Once I got started, I did a lot of talking and discovered I was holding a lot of grief, which completely made sense but I don’t think I’d ever have realised it on my own. I had been carrying around this grief and pain from a very young age and it was making itself known through physical symptoms.

Sonia guided me towards Anam Cara’s acupuncturist to deal with the pain in my lower back, shoulders and joints which I’d had for a while. I also had what I can only describe as the feeling of a ball of fire in my stomach. Within three or four acupuncture sessions the pain had pretty much gone and the ball of fire had too. The practitioner also taught me how to breathe properly to take tension away – such a gentle change but it made such a big difference. While I was seeing the acupuncturist, Sonia was also helping me to have an awareness of what I was actually experiencing – feelings I had never before recognised or understood.

Next Sonia suggested I see the nutritionist. I’d always thought I ate well but now I know so much more. Food really is medicine. I still follow much of her advice especially cutting a lot of sugar out, which helped with everything from my skin conditions to my whole wellbeing.

I’ve also had hypnotherapy. Alongside continued intense work with Sonia, this helped me deal with a very challenging cleaning obsession. I also carried on with the acupuncture, which was amazing and I still come for acupuncture every now and again. The practitioner listens and understands.

I’m still in disbelief at what has happened in the past year; so many changes have happened to me. I understand myself now and am able to respond to the messages my mind and body send to me. It’s amazing what the people at Anam Cara do, how they listen, how they hear and how they care.

Now, I’m just living my life and enjoying my life. I know Anam Cara is there if I need it but really, I know now that all the answers are inside me if I just listen.