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The Eyes Have It


The eyes are the windows to the soul, goes the old proverb. In truth, they are the window to so much more.

“By examining the iris, I can learn many things about someone’s health, their genetic inheritance and how their lives and lifestyle have influenced their health, wellbeing and constitution – and indeed, how their health has influenced their lives,” says Anam Cara’s Naturopathic Iridologist and Master Herbalist. “Iridology, which is the study of the iris, tells us huge amounts about a person and helps experienced iridologists identify weaknesses and problems, even as far as identifying specific years when trauma has taken place and whether a trauma remains in a person’s psyche. Iridologists can discover issues that most doctors can miss.”

Anam Cara’s Naturopathic Iridologist and Master Herbalist is part of the integrated team bringing two decades of practice and teaching experience. His philosophy fits perfectly into the Centre’s holistic perspective. Iridology very much focuses on getting behind the disease and the symptoms to the person themselves. This means that treatment following an iridology examination does not focus on the symptoms but instead looks at the whole picture – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

One recent client of Anam Cara, who did not wish to be named, explained:

“What he was able to tell me both about a current condition and about my history was remarkable. He was able to pinpoint specific incidents in my life to the precise year and also identified problems I’m experiencing right now. He took some history from me verbally at the start but it was through the photographing and studying of my eyes that he really cut to the heart of the matter. Throughout the consultation, he was able to show me on enlarged computer pictures of my eyes exactly what he was interpreting and how.”

Master Herbalist

Iridology is a diagnostic tool only so once an assessment is complete, a client needs to be treated. As well as an iridologist, Anam Cara’s practitioner is also a Master Herbalist and Member of the Association of Master Herbalists, and it is through Western Herbal Medicine that he can treat weaknesses or deficiencies the iridology has identified. He follows the naturopathic philosophy, which states that the body wants to heal itself, so the herbs he prescribes are those that help to restore vitality and physiological balance to enable the body to do this. He uses his knowledge and experience to tailor treatments to each specific client. He adds:

“I use tinctures to administer herbs, which I prepare in my licensed dispensary. Typically a formula I devise for a client will contain two or three herbs; and with well over a hundred to choose from, many formulas I’ve created have been – and probably will be – created only once in my lifetime. Every person has a different constitution and different requirements so it is only right that they are treated uniquely.”

The Anam Cara ethos means that it ensures clients fully understand and engage with the whole diagnostic and treatment processes. It is each individual’s responsibility to ensure they do all that is necessary to regain or enhance their health.

Herbal medicine is probably the oldest form of medicine known, and is still used by 80% of the world’s population. Herbs are composed of complex constituents that work together, balancing and complementing one another. Every herb used has known actions and qualities with affinities to one or more body systems or organs. Master Herbalists are trained to know these qualities and they prescribe the herbs accordingly.

At Anam Cara a herbal remedy is often not the only way to treat a problem or is only a part of the solution, so practitioners work with Anam Cara’s founder, Sonia Manning, to decide what the most appropriate treatment is. Anam Cara has around 25 therapists offering treatments and therapies, so with individual practitioners Sonia can use her vast experience to identify the most effective route to health and wellbeing for each client.

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