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There’s not much time for reflection in the way we live our lives. If you’re anything like most people in this country, and indeed in the West, you like to be doing something all the time. You’re busy rushing about and if you encounter a problem then you solve it by doing even more rushing about or you spend all your time worrying about it. There is another way, and it’s a way that seems so simple that you may not believe that it can transform your life and give you peace of mind. That way is meditation.

The truth is, meditation is a far more complex, but far more rewarding experience than most people realise. It is a powerful process that can really help you steer your way through your life more effectively, transforming obstacles into opportunities and allowing you to discover your own sense of purpose, meaning and values – and who doesn’t want to experience that?

Solving Problems

When faced with a problem, we tend to either ignore it (not a good idea) or try and think it through. We try to rationalise it – and why not, we are rational beings. Meditation, however, takes you into an entirely different space in your head where there is room to have insight into your problem without your mind being cluttered up by conscious thoughts. Meditation takes you to an altered state, albeit one over which you are always entirely in control. It is proven to slow the heartbeat and pulse, settle the brain and lead to a sense of overwhelming calmness.

This relaxation itself is a wonderful experience and holds many ongoing benefits. It is a discipline that helps to keep you centred, grounded and calm, which in turn makes you better able to cope and to be able to see things in perspective. Meditation offers a completely new way – a powerful but gentle way – to look into a problem. It is a very creative process that delivers rich and profound insights. You are able to free yourself from habitual thought patterns, which can be behind quite deep issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia and addiction. Once you can see these thought patterns from a new, detached perspective you are able to step away from them rather than being trapped by them.

"We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are."
The Talmud

Meditation is a journey towards a deeper understanding of yourself and of others. It allows you to extract yourself from your usual ways of thinking and to reconnect with your own story. This understanding does not just happen and you do need to learn how to meditate effectively and how to understand and contextualise what is happening.

Who Meditates?

Meditation can be done on its own or in conjunction with other therapies, depending on what an individual wants and needs at that particular moment in their life. It is particularly valuable to people who are restless, soul-searching and unfulfilled (even if outwardly living a successful life). Many people reach a stage in their lives where they want more – not more wealth or power or possessions but more of who they really are. This feeling of ‘The Empty Self’ is the point where we finally reach saturation point and no amount of holidays, houses or new cars on the drive can give us the nourishment we need.

This need actually manifests itself in any number of ways, from constant worrying or random bouts of anger to insomnia or addictive behaviour, from a bad back to an inability to lose weight. More often than not, my clients won’t even know what the problem is – they will just know something’s not right because they’re experiencing a restlessness that’s like an agitation that just has to be soothed. Ignore it and the agitation just gets worse and worse.

Meditation is perfect for these individuals because it brings into the foreground the issues they need to deal with, bypassing the rational brain which otherwise rationalises away the problem – temporarily, until it comes back even worse than before. The state of mind you enter in meditation creates a brand new perspective that reaches you without being filtered by your mind. It’s powerful and it’s invariably right.

Behind all this is the truth that you are born to be a particular person with your own enormous potential and unique spirit but as life goes on and you adapt and compromise, you lose sight of and then forget who you are meant to be. The more you forget, the more it hurts. Suddenly, you get that nagging feeling that what you have become is not enough and you need to reconnect. Meditation is a wonderful way to make that reconnection, to close the gap between whom you have become and who you really are – your real free self. With support and guidance, you will learn to trust your intuition as your guide, a skill that has become all too rare in our modern, mechanised world.


While this all sounds quite dramatic, my clients who meditate rarely change dramatically on the outside. They don’t lose any part of themselves or become someone else. It is more that they become more, they reach a deeper understanding and higher awareness of themselves and enter a calmer, happier place because of that. Suddenly they start to see – and to reach – their potential.

As you learn more about meditation, it becomes an invaluable tool in everyday life, helping with problem-solving, creativity, stability and contentment. As you reach higher levels, it is possible to perform a meditation in order to deal with a specific issue, where you allow your mind to focus on a particular situation. The solution comes from your inner wisdom not from your rational mind; your heightened awareness gives you the freedom to allow your intuition to provide the answer. It is a hard concept to explain until you feel it for yourself but essentially meditation allows you to hold the dilemma but to notice and understand the thoughts and feelings coming in to your consciousness. As you become attuned to your body and your consciousness, you will trust the messages you are receiving. You still have to decide how to act on those messages, of course.

From simple relaxation to powerful personal development, meditation can play a significant positive role in your life and growth. It is a rich resource that you can return to again and again. You are more than welcome to contact me to discuss it further.

New to meditation?

You may be attracted to the idea of meditation but are feeling a little daunted by the idea. Perhaps it would help to know what exactly happens when you first sit down to meditate. This is what typically would happen at a session at Anam Cara.

When you read the word meditation, I bet you’ve got a picture in your mind of someone sitting in the Lotus position chanting ‘Ommm’. If you want to do that, fine, but it’s not necessary. The main thing is to be comfortable and free from distractions.

You would then be asked to close your eyes and focus on your breathing, while your practitioner talks you through experiencing how your body feels and how you feel – you become an observer of your own body and your own self.

Then you would be asked to gently consider your emotions and take some rare time to just reflect on the feelings you’re holding today. People rarely experience their emotions intimately (preferring usually to look at them with some detachment) and this can be a profound, even blissful, moment. Your practitioner will then take you deeper, to investigate the edge of your conscious mind. All this time, of course, you are aware and awake and in control but much more aware of the rhythms of your body, feelings and mind.

As you come out of the meditation you may feel like it’s been only a matter of minutes but in fact it’s been half an hour or more – the first half an hour of a totally new way of understanding yourself.

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My Experience

“I had never done meditation until a few weeks ago and didn’t know what to expect. It was a fascinating, intriguing, powerful heightened experience. It is hard to explain but I experienced dreams, feelings and images without them being confused by thoughts. There was a primal purity about them and the main feelings were of freedom, relief and pure joy. It is like discovering that there are doors open to you that you didn’t even know existed in your mind – and you’re free to open them to find out what’s inside. And what’s inside is a whole new level of experience.

Subsequent meditations have been less dramatic; in fact I think I was a little disappointed straight afterwards. But then in the following weeks, I discovered that I had been on such a high at the beginning that I was just desperate to get there again. Now, though, I know I am on a journey to gain much more profound insight. I can also tell that using the methods I’m learning, I am able to retain my perspective while I am dealing with a difficult personal situation. Now, several weeks after my first session, I am able to call upon the discipline of meditation to put myself back in that place of relaxation and calmness, which has helped me sleep and to remain both calmer inside and also more self-assured. I will definitely be continuing.”

An Anam Cara client