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Bowen Technique is a very gentle hands-on remedial therapy which can be administered through light clothing. It uses subtle but precise cross-fibre movements over muscles, tendons and ligaments. These techniques send deep messages to the body’s cellular memory to help retrieve what is needed to bring about a natural state of alignment and balance.

When possible the patient will be asked to lie down on the treatment couch although the technique can be administered sitting or standing. Frequent but essential rest periods are built in between the moves to ensure the body has time to access its own intelligence and respond spontaneously to the practitioner’s gentle moves. Energetic blocks or stored tensions that have been held in the muscles can then be released helping to promote healing, pain relief and the recovery of lost energy.

This holistic, non-invasive treatment involves no pulling or cracking of joints, and no force or aggressive manipulations of hard tissue. Consequently it is a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing therapy to receive, whilst remaining extremely effective. Indeed patients are often surprised at how the body can respond so readily and accurately to the practitioner’s light and gentle touch.

Bowen Technique is popular with professional athletes and dancers and yet is so gentle it can be used during pregnancy and is safe to use on babies and the elderly.

Applying other manipulative therapies over the days or weeks following a course of Bowen Therapy is not recommended as the treatment will have initiated a range of beneficial healing changes which need time to unfold without being hindered, disturbed or contradicted by other methods.

Bowen Technique can treat the body as a whole or can treat a specific problem. It can release emotional as well as physical tensions. It is especially useful in the treatment of back pain, sciatica, migraine, acute or chronic fatigue, knee, ankle and foot pain, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel, sports injuries, joint pain, muscle spasm, hamstring strain, asthma, hay fever, IBS, digestive and bowel problems, strokes, whiplash, infant colic, PMT, earache and ear infections, fibromyalgia, groin pain, pelvis tilt, tinnitus, glue ear, jaw problems, sciatica, MS, pregnancy and fertility problems, water retention and more.

Anam Cara’s practitioner says, “I qualified as a Homoeopath in 1994 at the College of Practical Homoeopathy, as a Bowen Practitioner in 2010 with the European College of Bowen Studies and in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘Tapping’) in 2012 with Phoenix EFT.

“I believe that ideally, we are all designed to self-heal: if we cut or bruise ourselves, assuming our body is functioning optimally, then it can heal without too much conscious effort on our part. The same applies to emotional cuts and bruises: if our self-esteem is good, then we are able to hold on to the wisdom from life’s lessons rather than hold on to the pain.

“What has always fascinated me is how this natural healing mechanism works: what may be interfering or blocking it from working well, and how can those blocks be cleared gently, effectively, and with ease.

“Exploring this took me into the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, into the new sciences of Psychoneuroimmunology (how our thoughts and feelings can impact our immune system), and Neuroplasticity (how we can change our brain). The search for effective self-help tools took me to various forms of Energy Psychology, including EFT. This can be a wonderful way for transforming not just our emotional pain, but also our physical pain, our self-worth, and any limiting beliefs, fears or phobias. It also works incredibly well when combined with homoeopathy.

“This journey also took me to the Bowen Technique, since I knew from personal experience after a car crash that it can be difficult feeling relaxed, happy and peaceful when your mobility is restricted or you are in pain. Also, emotional tension can become stored as physical tension or energetic blocks in the body and Bowen can help you dissolve and release these blocks.

“The best definition of health I have found so far is simply ‘freedom’ – freedom from pain and limitations, whether emotional or physical. When these blocks dissolve, then you are free to soar!”

Another of Anam Cara’s practitioners says, “I have always held a strong belief that pain should not be seen as an affliction that one must withstand, but rather that it is a message from within that something is not quite right. As a dancer who has had to deal with persistent pain – as well as other bodily dysfunctions – I was immediately won over when I experienced the deep rippling effects of Bowen’s gentle technique at work.

“Bowen does not attempt to fix you through manipulations, but instead aims to increase your brain’s awareness of the body as a whole, enabling it to take whatever measures it considers necessary to rectify problems. All to help you reach a state of well-being, as close to homeostasis as possible.

“I experience that this is very much what Anam Cara is also attempting. Whatever symptoms you come to us with will be carefully considered by it’s team of dedicated professionals and, with their guidance, you are sign posted to which therapies or treatments would be best suited to help you attain that very same state of well-being. In a sense, Anam Cara acts like the brain: once aware of dysfunction, it will consider every option available to enable a return to health.