Holistic Centre for Body, Mind & Spirit


Executive coaching and mentoring can achieve extraordinary results. The benefits of business coaching are realised at both an individual and a group level – indeed, the two are intrinsically linked. At Anam Cara, we have the in-depth experience to deal with organisational change, conflict, dilemma or difference and can help unlock the potential of individuals, teams and whole organisations. Our underlying Psychosynthesis (Western psychology integrated with Eastern philosophy) ethos means we bring an added depth and understanding to your situation or issue. We will consider the questions of purpose, meaning and values, making a contribution and the act of will necessary to create either an individual or collective focus, goal or outcome.

We will help create the opportunity for you to direct your life or your organisation more effectively and learn how to transform obstacles into opportunities. Our approach will help guide you towards harmony and fulfilment in both personal relationships and business relationships. Working within a set of ethical, mindful principles, our approach will reinforce the need for individuals to take responsibility and to respect both themselves and others. You will learn about your own behaviours and values and how they affect the group.

We will help unlock your potential or that of your organisation and show how individual or collective energy, creativity and commitment can support your organisation and its goals, as well as leading you to a more fulfilling life.

Using solution–focused techniques, psychological maps and models and problem-solving strategies we will explore:

  • The aims and objectives of the individual or organisation
  • What’s working and what isn’t, and why
  • How to bring about successful and measurable outcomes
  • Issues of individual and collective group understanding, insight, ownership, responsibility and actions
  • How to free stuckness or entrenched, chronic situations or issues
  • How to bring about clarity, coherence, boundaries and consistent discipline to structures, processes and individuals’ behaviours
  • How to improve communication skills with techniques to teach clear, healthy, mature and respectful interactions

Other benefits

  • Taking time out, away from the distraction and preoccupations of your working environment will give real time for a deeper and more insightful exploration of the issues to be understood and dealt with
  • A space to identify the areas of concern or that need improvement or support to enable an appropriate set of bespoke strategies to be agreed
  • A space for safe discussion and meaningful debate to enable restricted thought processes, prejudices, mindsets or beliefs to be challenged and rectified. All to help realise greater outcomes and growth potentials
  • The experience of a non-judgmental, supportive and accepting professional relationship with your coach to enable defences to be released and a more honest assessment of all circumstances and complex issues to be discussed. A teaching and modelling of a healthy working relationship where strong and disciplined guidance is given with care and concern to avoid trampling or causing harm
  • The pleasure of feeling validated, supported, encouraged and guided towards a healthier, happier, and more naturally flowing business experience
  • The satisfaction of experiencing your views and needs being respectfully listened to and responded to