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A chiropody treatment, also known as a podiatry treatment, is a relaxing foot care treatment that consists of assessing the feet to help understand any concerns or problems you may have. Time is taken to assess the feet by looking at callus patterns, skin quality, nails, the shoes worn, circulation and sensations that can be detected. A few questions are asked regarding medical history, all of which provides the information to help form a picture of any concerns or problems with not only the feet but the entire body too. Then the feet will be treated and advice given on maintaining healthy feet. Finally you will be given a relaxing foot massage to complete the treatment and hopefully you will leave feeling like you are walking on air. Your feet will love you for it, and be ready for the next few thousand miles.

Some additional thoughts

“It is too easy to neglect feet but minor problems can become more serious if they are left untreated, especially if you have diabetes. Structural imbalances in your feet can also affect your whole body.” Mike O’Neill, Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Unfortunately feet also get worse with age because the fat pads cushioning your feet grow thinner and because foot muscle and ligaments become less flexible. In addition carrying too much weight adds extra and unhealthy pressure on your feet, so maintaining a target weight and staying active is hugely beneficial for overall wellbeing.

Chiropody treatments will attend to routine nail care, thickened nails, ingrown toenails, hard skin and corns, dry skin and cracked heels, fungal nails and skin.

Bespoke treatments

At Anam Cara we also do bespoke treatment packages, for example combining herbs, supplements, nutritional therapy or acupuncture for conditions such as corns and callus problems, verruca, bunions, fungal problems or heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Please see below for more information.

Holistic foot care options

We also use Marigold Therapy, which is a specialised homoeopathic treatment programme used by specifically trained podiatrists.

This too can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments including verruca, bunions, athletes foot and many other conditions. A course of treatment consists of using a topical application of a plant based product which is safe, gentle and non-invasive.

The ultimate package – combined chiropody with reflexology

If you enjoy having your feet massaged then you may wish to combine your chiropody treatment with a relaxing reflexology session. This creates a truly wonderful and beneficial experience for the mind and body.

The benefits

When we get worried, stressed or run down our body suffers and sometimes we don’t even know it. The body’s energy can sometimes become a little blocked and by having reflexology the chi energy can be helped to restore equilibrium. Both feet are entirely massaged using a kind of acupressure massage. Sometimes you will experience a little sharp pain or it feels like a grain of grit is under the skin. However once the area is massaged the chi energy will be unlocked and able to once more flow freely and any discomfort should dissolve.

After the treatment and when you have come back down to earth, you may feel deeply rested so it is advisable not to do anything too strenuous post treatment and to drink plenty of water to allow the dislodged toxins and impurities to be flushed out of your system.

We all need some rest and relaxation from time to time and having the combination of these two treatments will leave your body, mind and spirit truly recharged. A wonderful treat.

Anam Cara’s practitioner says, “Since gaining my BSc Hons Degree in Podiatry I have completed a variety of additional courses to keep my skills and knowledge up to date. These courses include Marigold Therapy (homoeopathic foot care treatments) as well as numerous biomechanics and dermatology courses. These are in addition to my qualification as a reflexologist gained some years ago from the British School of Yoga.

“At Anam Cara I particularly like the way that I can link the podiatry and reflexology together as it means I can help clients to understand why something is occurring with their feet and not have to just treat what I see. I believe feet are very important and can help to detect when things in your body are not quite right, so this combination works well for me for this purpose.

“In addition, I believe podiatry and reflexology work well alongside the many other therapies and treatments that are offered at Anam Cara. I believe this integrated approach genuinely ensures the client receives the best possible therapy or treatment for their individual concerns. I feel team work is essential and I am never worried about recommending other therapies, as I want clients to achieve their own goals and outcomes.”