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Counselling in Sutton Coldfield

Counselling is a type of talking therapy where a person talks confidentially to a counsellor in a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment about their here and now everyday problems, concerns or feelings at our holistic centre based in Sutton Coldfeild.

Psychotherapy In Sutton Coldfield

Psychotherapy is an extension of counseling which aims to discover at a deeper level of therapeutic intervention what is causing your emotional pain, unhappiness or psychological distress. This will involve understanding more of your childhood history and story which we can discuss at our Sutton Coldfeild centre.

Anam Cara's Psychotherapist and Counselling Services

The essence of the psychosynthesis perspective is that each of us has a purpose in life, and has challenges and obstacles to meet in order to fulfil that purpose. This purpose [can be considered] a journey in that we move forward along the path of life in a unique way, and are always in the process of becoming. Each step forward contains the possibility of actualising our potential. Along this journey we sometimes fall down, get lost or led astray, become stuck, move forward and make discoveries, or courageously travel beyond our limitations.

Psychosynthesis fully recognises that those seeking, counselling or psychotherapy need to accept and address their destructive and negative elements and integrate their personality but it also values and actively works with the uncovering of a deeper identity, the Self – our true essence beyond all masks and conditioning.

A psychosynthesis counsellor [or psychotherapist] approaches the client with a belief in the client’s capacity to understand life, to make choices and to transcend apparent limitations. The counsellor [or psychotherapist] views the client’s problems and difficulties not as the result of mere inadequacy, but rather as challenges and opportunities for growth.

A psychosynthesis counsellor [or psychotherapist] will acknowledge the higher reaches of human experience and endeavour to facilitate their practical realisation in the client’s everyday life while remaining sensitive to the depth of her [or his] suffering and the impact of childhood history on adult behaviour.

Psychosynthesis respects the profundity, wisdom and the power of the unconscious and offers principles and methods for co-operating with the psyche’s inherent thrust towards mature self-realisation. It focuses on the interdependence between personal experience and development, and the potential for creative living. Values, meaning, peak experience and the unquantifiable, ineffable essence of human life are recognised as integral elements in the counselling process.

There can be little disagreement that the counsellor [or psychotherapist] today, through his or her choice of profession, is facing an extraordinary challenge. An abundance of people need help: some willingly seek counselling [or psychotherapy], others choose it as a last resort through an inability to cope with life, some are reluctant victims of psychosomatic illness and many are suffering major life crises.

People are increasingly feeling ill equipped to deal with domestic, social and even international crises. They are confronted with problems from family conflicts and divorce, and the subtle breaking down of the nuclear family. Unhealthy social relationships, unemployment, economic and environmental stress all play their part, as do less attributable feelings of anxiety, aggression, impotence, despair and meaninglessness.

Also among those who seek counselling [or psychotherapy] are many who are basically healthy and able to function well, but who experience a sense of dissatisfaction with the quality of life and long for greater fulfilment and purpose.

The choice to enter counselling [or psychotherapy] reflects a life affirming impulse which transcends the confines of conventional life. A search for meaning and a deeper identity leads to this choice.

Counselling [or psychotherapy] are therefore losing the stigma of implied psychological illness which in turn is resulting in people being less inhibited about undertaking psychological work.

Whatever their motivation, conscious or unconscious, people choose counselling [or psychotherapy] because they want to become healthy and fulfilled.

Human beings seem to possess an underlying sense of their potential which beckons them towards health and well-being, a primary need to take responsibility for their life and to experience it as valuable.

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