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Crystal Therapy

Shamanistic cultures throughout the world, including Native Americans, Aboriginal groups and the Inuit of northern Canada, have long believed in the healing properties of semiprecious and precious stones. These views were further developed and widely popularised during the late twentieth century by healers

Crystal healing uses crystals, particularly quartz crystals such as amethyst or clear quartz. These are believed to contain energies that enhance the healing of both the body and mind. Crystals have a resonance and a vibration and can be ‘charged’ with healing energy, in a manner similar to that of charging a battery. The charged crystal can then be used to alter the energy patterns in the person receiving the treatment. Arrowheads, wands and other stones can also be used to help diagnose illness as well as personal issues and concerns.

Crystals are used in modern medical practices. They are piezoelectric, which means that electricity, and sometimes light, is produced by compression. This property is harnessed in ultrasound machines, which use a piezoelectric crystal to produce a sound wave. Sound is now being applied at the leading edge of surgery. A tightly focused beam of ultrasound can cauterize wounds deep within the body and blast tumours apart without the need for invasive procedures.

Source: The Crystal Bible (2003) Judy Hall

Holistic Healing

Crystals heal holistically. That is to say, they work on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of being. They realign subtle energies and dissolve dis-ease, getting to the root cause. Crystals work through vibration, rebalancing the biomagnetic sheath that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and activating linkage points to the chakras that regulate the body’s vibrational stasis. By bringing the chakras back into balance, many states of physical and psychological dis-ease can be ameliorated.

Most illnesses result from a combination of factors. There will be dis-ease at subtle levels. This dis-ease may be emotional or psychological, or a sign of spiritual unease or disconnection. There may be misaligned connections between the physical body and the biomagnetic sheath. Other energetic disturbances may be caused by environmental factors such as electromagnetic smog or geopathic stress. Crystals gently deal with the cause rather than merely ameliorating the symptoms.

Source: The Crystal Bible (2003) Judy Hall

A system called Crystal Nets and Doorways which was designed by Sue and Simon Lilly can also be added. This involves using a combination of sacred geometry, crystals and colour to assist and encourage the body back into balance. The doorways can help with all mind, body and spiritual issues in the present moment as well as what might be called past life, a healing within the ‘Doorways of Time’.

Crystal therapy is used to enhance healing of a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. For example, amethyst is said to be useful against acne, agate against ulcers, and lapis lazuli against stroke symptoms. Crystals may also be used to counter environmental hazards such as electromagnetic radiation, food additives, and polluted air and water. Crystals can also be prescribed before and after surgery to minimise trauma.

During a treatment, crystals are used in a wide variety of ways. Crystals and gems are placed on specific energy points on the body to aid healing: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. The crystals are often placed at the site of a pain or injury, a chakra or meridian end point, or in the aura. Sometimes they are made into an elixir or essence, whichever is the most appropriate for the individual client at that time.

Results can also occur when both the client and the healer are holding crystals. The healer may hold a stone in one hand whilst using the other to touch the body part of the client which is in need of particular healing.

Crystals may also be worn as pendants. Appropriate stones can be selected by simply picking up various crystals and determining which ones seem to harmonise with the frequencies of the patient’s body. This may be indicated by a feeling of warmth or tingling.

This therapy is deeply relaxing and exceptionally useful in reducing concerns and helping us to meet our goals on every level.

Your first visit will be longer than subsequent treatments because it includes a thorough assessment. As crystal healing is a holistic therapy all appropriate aspects of your story will be taken into account, including such things as diet, your lifestyle choices and your wider medical history.

The number of further treatments will vary according to your needs, how long a particular condition has lasted and how quickly your body is able to respond. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Anam Cara’s practitioner says, “I have been a therapist since 1999 and have studied many healing disciplines including: allergy testing, animal healing, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, Egyptian sekhem, essences, health kinesiology, hopi ear candles, Indian head massage, ionic detox foot spa, reflexology, reiki, sea shell healing, sex therapy, swedish massage and tree spirit healing. I have also studied psychology, psycho-sexual counselling and stress counselling.

“As an experienced holistic practitioner I utilise my many skills to create totally unique programmes for each individual patient. I also believe in the power of prayer and that this coupled with each discipline brings the greatest potential for healing. In addition I believe that healing is enhanced when the patient takes an active part in their own recovery process.

“As a practitioner I share the same beliefs and ways of working as Sonia and the whole of the holistic team at Anam Cara. Therefore I look forward to meeting you and working with you within this framework, all within the beautiful and serene setting that Anam Cara provides for us all.”