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Healing and Clearing Your Personal Karma A One Day Introductory Workshop


Due to popular demand we are once more running this workshop exploring the concepts of our karmic history


1000 – 1115

Group meditation, introductions and preparations for the day

1130 - 1300

A brief introduction to the concepts of karma and reincarnation, body memories and the repression of karmic patterns in the body We will explain the mechanism of reincarnation, how karma works, and how we accumulate and repress various negative energy patterns in our bodies. You will learn the various types of karma and why sometimes ‘bad things happen to good people’. You will be able to relate your own body memories to certain past events and recognise how traumas of the past have become a part of your body and how they influence your body awareness.

This session is designed to elevate your awareness on all levels and highlight your karmic choices, or lack of them, on the level of body, feelings, mind and soul.

1345 – 1615

Getting In Touch With Your Karma

Exercise 1: Geographical Karma

In addition to having personal karma, we all have karma linked to a particular country or region of the world. Have you ever felt the pull to visit a certain country or live there? Have you ever been repelled by a city or its people? Have you noticed how a place, a region or a part of the world crops up in your experience all the time? Are you perhaps married to a person of a different nationality? Do you have lots of foreign friends? Or have you always been in one place and not had the urge to go anywhere else or visit distant lands? Do you have a particular like or dislike of a race or a nation? These are some of the questions you will have answered by the end of this exercise.

Exercise 2: The Body Tells The Story

In this session, we will be performing a guided body scan. We will be exploring personal karma and its impact on our bodies. We will discover our typical postural image, wounds to the etheric body, chronic holding patterns, the meaning of emotional release, how to let the body tell its story, and the places of stored emotion in the body. Finally, you will learn about the influence of karmic patterns on the here and now. You will learn the different strategies for release of body holding patterns and how to heal chronic problems which stem from those repressive karmic mechanisms.

The aim of this session is to provide you with a higher level of body and etheric awareness.

1630 – 1730

Grounding & Close of Workshop

Please note: it is extremely important that no alcohol or any mind-altering substances are consumed at least 24 hrs before the workshop. This is not a suitable course for those receiving psychiatric help.

Open house from 0930, with light refreshments available throughout the day; however, please bring your own packed lunch.


Daniella Batham BSc (Belgrade) DMP Practitioner Sonia Manning (M) BACP PG Dip (Keele)

Please call Anam Cara for further details and workshop fees

Fee to be paid in full at time of booking to secure your place
No refunds after 19th October 2013