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A Holistic Integration of Spirituality and Psychology

Meditation is a practice designed to still outer activity and enter into silence, reflection and contemplation. It has the ability to reach deep into the parts of the brain that control emotion and can significantly strengthen the mind.

This Anam Cara self-development programme will create a context for those who wish to experience and deepen their own inner journey, direct their lives more effectively and transform personal obstacles into opportunities. It will serve those who are attempting to understand their personal and spiritual dilemmas and experiences, and will help participants to harness and integrate their deeper sense of self.

We will draw from various creative techniques: use of the imagination, artwork, music, chanting, metaphor, storytelling, dream work and psychospiritual psychotherapy, all to connect to the lost language of the soul. We will explore more deeply our sense of higher purpose, meaning and values to help us know more intimately our own journey of the soul.


  • Enhanced peace of mind
  • Greater relaxation of the body, feelings, mind and spirit
  • New attitudes and ways of being
  • Deeper compassion for ourselves and others
  • Greater inner stability and contentment
  • Expanded consciousness – a greater sense of self awareness

This program will run in a closed group over 4 consecutive Monday evenings from 6.30 until 9.30.

16th Sept ~ 23rd Sept ~ 30th Sept ~ 7th Oct

6.30 - 9.30pm

Open house from 6pm, with light refreshments available.


Sonia Manning (M) BACP PG Dip (Keele)

Sonia will be accompanied periodically by other Anam Cara practitioners who will integrate their own specialist techniques into the above programme

Please call Anam Cara for further details and programme fees

Fee to be paid in full at time of booking to secure your place

No refunds after 1st September 2013

Group members will have the option to rebook for the next set of Monday evenings if they feel they want to continue their journey

14th Oct ~ 21st Oct ~ 28th Oct ~ 4th Nov

The deepest part of who you are is consciousness. Consciousness is energy.
You are a Being of energy, as are we all.
Energy flows through your Being and is directed by your thoughts, your feelings and your wishes.
While in human form you call yourself a human being but what we refer to as the physical body is not who you are, but rather, only a vehicle for the consciousness that you are.
Martin Brofman, PhD