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Many historians believe that belly dancing, also known as Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the East), is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the Orient, to India, to the Middle East.

Anam Cara’s four week Belly Dance programme will integrate various techniques to enable a deeper and more personal experience of working with your body. Designed to help you disconnect from the hectic outer world and reach for a deeper peace and happiness within.

The programme aims to give individual participants the opportunity to experience a greater connection and sensitivity to their own body and inner mind and to express their creative and spontaneous self through this timeless woman’s dance. To align body, feelings, mind and spirit in movements that have evolved through the ages.

All to help link with the female energies of childbirth, fertility, sexuality, eroticism and spirituality. To experience a freedom of expression and deep emotional release.

Belly dance is a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise. It suits all ages and body types and is an especially good exercise for the prevention of osteoporosis. Many of the moves involve isolations, which improves flexibility of the torso. Belly dance moves are also beneficial to the spine, as the full-body undulation moves lengthens (decompresses) and strengthens the entire column of spinal and abdominal muscles in a gentle way.

Dancing with a veil can help build strength in the upper body, arm and shoulders. Playing the zills trains fingers to work independently and builds strength. The legs and long muscles of the back are also strengthened by hip movements.

Incorporating a different sequence each week, participants will be guided through postures, moves and breathing techniques to help correct alignment and build strength in their whole body. This will help participants to feel fitter, stronger and more confident without the fear of strain or injury.

Participants will be able to take the learned techniques away to continue practising in their own time. With a guaranteed small group supported by an experienced facilitator, the classes are designed to give participants an especially, meaningful and deep experience. The programme will be individually tailored regardless of age, flexibility or experience, so no-one need feel they are too stiff or unfit.


  • Enhances mood
  • Balances emotions
  • Improves breathing
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves spine flexibility
  • Helps to reduce back pain
  • Creates greater confidence
  • Discourages negative thinking
  • Enables a greater clarity of mind
  • Improves balance, co-ordination and posture
  • The ability to experience deep relaxation in a beautiful, tranquil, peaceful and holistic environment with under floor heating, mood lighting, candles and incense

This programme will run with a closed group of no more than six participants over four consecutive Monday evenings.

17th October ~ 24th October ~ 31st October ~ 7th November

Class commences promptly at 7.00pm until 8.30pm

Open house from 6.30pm

Due to the nature of the work we respectfully ask that you arrive in good time as a late arrival will disrupt the experience for other class participants.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

All equipment will be provided but please bring your own blanket and pillow.

Please call Anam Cara for further details and programme fees

Fee to be paid in full at time of booking to secure your place

No refunds after 22nd July 2013

*** Due to the small class size we would advise booking early to guarantee your place ***

Group option to rebook for the next Belly Dance programe.