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As well as individual sessions, we run regular group workshops. These creative workshops generate a great group dynamic that can create an extraordinarily powerful effect. These are experiential workshops that take the theory and put it into action, where therapy and self-development come to life. Participants learn a huge amount about themselves in a completely supportive environment. They find themselves awoken by the knowledge they gain at a deeper level, leaving workshops invigorated and energised. The workshops tend to attract those who have some experience of the holistic world but this is not compulsory – all we ask of participants is an open mind and readiness to engage with the group.

2014 Workshop dates / venues / times have yet to be decided. Please look us up in the New Year for further details.


17th October - 24th October
31st October - 7th November

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Many historians believe that belly dancing, also known as Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the East), is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the Orient, to India, to the Middle East.

The programme aims to give individual participants the opportunity to experience a greater connection and sensitivity to their own body and inner mind and to express their creative and spontaneous self through this timeless woman’s dance. To align body, feelings, mind and spirit in movements that have evolved through the ages.
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10th Sept - 17th Sept
24th Sept - 1st Oct

7.00pm - 8.30pm

With its foundations set in Hatha Yoga, Dru Yoga is a graceful form of yoga based on flowing movements, focussed breathing and inner visualisation.

Incorporating a different sequence each week, participants will be guided through postures and breathing techniques to help correct alignment and build strength in their whole body. This will help participants to feel fitter, stronger and more confident without the fear of strain or injury. Participants will be able to take the learned techniques away to continue practising in their own time.
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16th Sept - 23rd Sept
30th Sept - 7th Oct
4 consecutive Monday evenings

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Meditation is a practice designed to still outer activity and enter into silence, reflection and contemplation. It has the ability to reach deep into the parts of the brain that control emotion and can significantly strengthen the mind.

This Anam Cara self-development programme will create a context for those who wish to experience and deepen their own inner journey, direct their lives more effectively and transform personal obstacles into opportunities. It will serve those who are attempting to understand their personal and spiritual dilemmas and experiences, and will help participants to harness and integrate their deeper sense of self.
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8th Oct - 15th Oct
22nd Oct - 29th Oct

6.45pm - 9.00pm

A four week body care and awareness programme integrating various techniques to enable a deeper and more personal experience of working with your body. Designed to help you disconnect from the hectic outer world and reach for a deeper peace within.

With a guaranteed small group supported by two experienced facilitators, the classes are designed to give participants an especially gentle, meaningful and deep experience. The programme will be individually tailored regardless of age, gender, flexibility or experience, so no-one need feel they are too stiff, unfit or out of practice.
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10.00 - 17.30

A brief introduction to the concepts of karma and reincarnation, body memories and the repression of karmic patterns in the body

We will explain the mechanism of reincarnation, how karma works, and how we accumulate and repress various negative energy patterns in our bodies. You will learn the various types of karma and why sometimes ‘bad things happen to good people’. You will be able to relate your own body memories to certain past events and recognise how traumas of the past have become a part of your body and how they influence your body awareness.
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We run a limited number of bespoke workshops to ensure that each one is filled with people willing to engage and discover – and share with others making the same journey. These workshops are genuinely unique, with Anam Cara’s practitioners using their own knowledge and experience to create something insightful and fresh every time. Our team of practitioners will, over time, develop new workshops centred on their specialty so do keep checking back for new events.

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