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The use of ear candles dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Tibetan monks and Chinese, with the Hopi Indians of America popularising the current technique used today. The treatment, which uses hollow tubes infused with oils, is painless and conducive to a state of deep relaxation.

The candle is lit and the non-burning end is placed just inside the ear and then turned slightly to seal it in place. A light suction is created by the small flame of the candle which is just a few inches away from the ear. This creates a vibration of air within the candle, which gives a gentle massage-like effect on the ear drum, dislodging any excess or compacted ear wax and any other impurities. These are then drawn into the base of the candle. The treatment induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure within the ears, on the forehead and surrounding sinuses. At the end of the treatment a soothing neck, ears and facial sinuses massage is given to gently stimulate the reflex points and increase the circulation of blood and lymph. This aids the clearing of the sinuses as well as providing an overall relaxation experience.

As with all holistic therapies this treatment is designed to treat the cause and not just the symptom itself. Therefore it can help with: colds or flu, excessive or compacted wax, glue ear, headaches or migraines, loss of hearing, earache, Menier’s disease, rhinitis, sinuses, snoring, tinnitus, vertigo, poor balance, inner ear problems, swollen glands, hay fever, pain/discomfort during flying, sore throat, stress, mental exhaustion or fatigue. It is also beneficial for those who find syringing painful.

It is not suitable for those with perforated ear drums, grommets or any inflammation or infection of the ear.

One of Anam Cara’s practitioners says, “Twenty-one years ago I started as a fitness/aerobics instructor. I then decided to go back to college and train in Sports Therapy. I went on to train in Sports Massage, Aromatherapy and other holistic therapies. I also trained in Beauty as I wanted to help people not just on a physical level but on an emotional level too, as I feel most illness and disease comes from life’s stresses and emotional challenges. Later I found Dru Yoga which works on all levels of experience (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual). Five years ago I went on to train as a teacher and have continued my training to eventually become a Dru Yoga practitioner specialising in back care and pregnancy-related health and wellbeing.”

Another of Anam Cara’s practitioners says, “My journey into holistic therapies started in 1999. I studied Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Hopi Ear Candles. This led to Advanced Aromatherapy and Advanced Reflexology qualifications. My aromatherapy tutor then introduced me to Shiatsu. I studied Complementary Therapies at Derby University and obtained a B.A.(Hons) Degree in Shiatsu. Nowadays this enables me to tailor treatments to the client’s needs, as often they require more than one therapy and I can fine tune various combination treatments.

“My experience at Anam Cara is that it is client centred, client focused and client led. The holistic ethos supports the client’s personal quest towards health and wellbeing by creating a therapeutic environment to help clients physically, emotionally and psychologically. And it isn’t just about caring and supporting the client, the emphasis is placed on the client and the practitioner feeling nurtured and protected whilst at Anam Cara.

“In my experience the essence is to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment. I pride myself in being part of the team and showing a personal interest, compassion and empathy in the client’s issues. I feel Anam Cara truly supports me in this role by creating a safe environment for me to practise in. All the therapies and treatments under the Anam Cara umbrella complement each other, and their aim is to guide and support clients. From talking therapies, bodywork, herbs and so on clients will often come to supplement traditional medicine or come to us when all else has failed.

“All at Anam Cara share a common belief and philosophy that the mind, body and spirit should be treated in a holistic manner, and that we are here to increase the client’s self-awareness and to help them understand how they think and feel.”