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Giving birth does not have to be painful and frightening. Unfortunately many women do feel frightened and that fear creates pain, and pain creates more fear – it’s a vicious circle. Hypnobirthing takes away this pain and fear, taking you back to your natural birthing state and makes birthing relaxing, comfortable, beautiful and rewarding.

Our hypnobirthing programme is a complete educational programme which will teach you relaxation, visualisation, self-hypnosis, breathing techniques and birth positions. We will help you reconnect with your natural birthing instincts and give you the techniques you need to enter a deep state of relaxation during the birth, which can often lead to a shorter, easier and more comfortable labour with less need for intervention or pain relief. It will help release any fears or anxieties you may have about the whole birthing experience and help build your confidence to meet the time of the birth with a sense of ability and preparedness. If you would like to create a personal hypnobirthing birth plan we will help with that too.

You remain fully in control and aware at all times. Hypnobirthing simply gives you the knowledge and techniques to give birth in a state of relaxation and to start out in those first few days as a new mother with confidence and calmness. Just the right qualities, which we know only too well, are vital to aid the joyous and natural process of the mother and baby bonding experience.

Having a particular interest in fertility, our qualified hypnotherapist works with the Fertile Body method, which is based on the fact that every single thought you have produces a chemical change in the body. Healthy thoughts and emotions help create positive change to health and maximise your chances of conception.

She has a Psychology degree, is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and has many years experience. She brings a sympathetic approach to your issues and will devise a tailored hypnobirthing programme of care which can often form part of a broader integrated programme of care, specifically designed at Anam Cara to meet your precise and unique needs. This is always discussed and agreed between you and your practitioner.

At Anam Cara, we can also combine hypnobirthing with pre/post birth parenting, coaching and counselling support via our very experienced counsellors and psychotherapists. All of this is designed to give mother and baby, as well as fathers or partners, the best possible start.

We can also devise programmes of care incorporating nutritional therapy, supplementation and herbal remedies amongst others, to ensure the maximum physical wellbeing of mother and father pre-conception, as well as mother and baby during pregnancy, labour and post-birth.