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Hypnosis is a perfectly natural, indeed a very restful state, where the body is in a deep state of relaxation but the mind remains alert. When a person is hypnotised they become physically relaxed and their brainwaves enter the alpha state. This allows the hypnotist to bypass resistance from the conscious mind and make positive suggestions which will help the individual release unhelpful beliefs, values and emotional or behavioural patterns and find within themselves their skills, strengths and abilities.

Who can be hypnotised?

At Anam Cara we believe virtually anyone can access this state of mind and improve their health, happiness and healing. This is because we believe that we each have the resources required to access and harness our inner, deeper will to bring about the changes that we desire and to therefore reach more of our full potential.

However it does depend on a person’s willingness to by hypnotised at the time. Hypnotherapy is not magic but it can be extremely effective if the person is willing to be hypnotised and if the relationship between them and the hypnotherapist is comfortable. This will further enhance the hypnosis and subsequently the results.

We offer hypnotherapy for weight loss, stopping smoking, phobias, anxiety, pain control (including childbirth), insomnia, panic attacks, stress management, sports performance, tinnitus, skin disorders, exam, driving test and interview nerves, performance anxiety, infertility, lack of confidence, IBS, OCD and much more.

This is possible because hypnosis doesn’t change who you are, it simply guides you into more positive ways of thinking, feeling and acting. In your relaxed state, the subconscious mind is more receptive and able to respond. You are always in control, the only changes made being those requested by you for your genuine benefit. You cannot be hypnotised against your will.

Hypnotherapy is used to gently communicate with this part of your mind to release any unhealthy programming and replace it with healthy beliefs about yourself, others and the world around you.

This is achieved using the power of your imagination coupled with the power of suggestions.

At Anam Cara we can work with any issue or problem you may have. Our qualified hypnotherapist has a particular interest in fertility, working with the Fertile Body Method, which is based on the fact that every single thought you have produces a chemical change in the body. Healthy thoughts and emotions help create positive changes to health and maximise your chances of conception.

Our practitioner has a Psychology degree, is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and has many years experience. She brings a sympathetic approach to your issues and will devise a tailored programme of care which can often form part of a broader integrated programme of care, specifically designed at Anam Cara to meet your precise and unique needs. This is always discussed and agreed between you and your practitioner.