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The ‘M’ Technique is a simple method of structured touch. Each movement and sequence is done in a set pattern at a set pressure and a set speed, all of which never changes.

The ‘M’ Technique is suitable for the very fragile; the critically ill or the actively dying. It works on skin receptors which send signals to the brain and has been described as ‘physical hypnotherapy’ or a ‘spiritual dance’.

The ‘M’ Technique is a series of stroking movements performed in a set sequence at a set pressure and a set pace. It is different from conventional massage and may be suitable when massage is inappropriate.

Each stroke is repeated three times - the rationale for this set form of repetition being to build confidence and remove anxiety from the receiver. The first time a stroke is performed, the receiver will pay attention to what is being done; the second time the receiver recognises the movement; and the third time the receiver knows what is going to happen and begins to relax.

The ‘M’ Technique was created by Dr Jane Buckle when she worked as a critical care nurse at the National Heart Hospital in London. It is used widely in hospitals throughout the USA and in 15 hospices in this country to help with pain relief and to calm the terminally ill.