Holistic Centre for Body, Mind & Spirit


Also known as:

  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Mindfulness
  • Soul Work
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Stilling the Mind
  • Being / The Art of Being
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Inner Reflection
  • Transcendential Meditation (TM)


Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind to induce a sense of expanded consciousness. It is a discipline whereby one attempts to get beyond the thinking mind to a deeper state of awareness, through inner stillness, peace, equilibrium and reflection.

Meditation Information:

At its deepest level meditation is taught as a method to enable self awareness, leading ultimately to self realisation. Meditation is designed to still outer activity and enter into silent reflection and contemplation. It is a profound, meaningful and insightful experience. In the stillness, calm and silence we return to our true, deepest, innermost nature.

We are brought back to ourselves. We become once more aware of our inner, unchanging, pure centre of awareness. It is designed to facilitate equilibrium and balance on all levels of being – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

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