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What is Deep Memory Process© (DMP©)

Deep Memory Process is a creative therapeutic synthesis of hypnotic regression, psychodrama (psychodrama role play), spiritual psychology, transpersonal psychologies, various body therapies and active imagination. It was developed by Roger J. Woolger Ph.D from many years of intensive practice with the methods of Jung, Reich and various shamanic and spiritual traditions.

How does DMP work?

Your trained DMP practitioner will begin by inviting you to explore whatever problem you wish to work with. In a safe and caring environment you will be helped, if appropriate, to:

  • Clearly recognise the core issues or complexities running your life
  • Journey in time to resolve childhood and other traumas
  • Vividly relive and resolve emotional conflicts through a healing psychodrama
  • Develop somatic awareness of deep memories to release them from your body
  • Let go of old unwanted ancestral patterns and influences
  • Integrate wounded soul fragments (past lives)
  • Clear your energy field of negative influences
  • Open up with love to higher spiritual resources within yourself

How long does the process last?

A typical DMP session lasts about two hours; this includes adequate time for integration and processing. Usually a series of sessions is recommended but occasionally radical changes can occur in only one or two sessions. DMP can be used as an exclusive therapy for specific complaints but it also works well in conjunction with other therapies.

Specifics of the process

More specifically DMP makes use of a number of different therapeutic strategies, and the process as a whole can be broken down into three levels of engagement with the psyche:

  1. Accessing traumatic residues
    Here we re-awaken deep memories from the remembered or imagined past; by using guided imagery, journey or therapeutic displacement on to past lives. The client re-lives traumatic scenarios as if they were real through the psychodrama role-playing of certain inner figures.
  2. Somato-emotional release (catharsis)
    This stage involves tracking patterns of dissociation from the body and the emotions, with systematic focus on somatic (body) awareness (this is in contrast to many therapies that concentrate mainly on verbal and mental re-framing). This work culminates in the release of frozen somato-emotional blockages through cathartic breath work, body awareness and exploration of cellular memory.
  3. Integration
    This stage sees the reintegration of lost fragments of the traumatised self through a dialogue with inner figures, encountered during an inner journey. This reconciliation and mediation occurs through figures that often manifest as ancestors, historical archetypes (past lives) or as transpersonal spiritual figures encountered in higher realms. This allows the client to transcend and re-frame embedded unconscious belief systems and seed fresh options in their current life.

Where DMP can help:

  • Are you suffering from debilitating fears or anxiety?
  • Does something hold you back from living your life more fully?
  • Are you functioning at less than your real potential?
  • Have you suffered a severe shock or trauma that still haunts you?
  • Do your relationships fall apart repeatedly?
  • Do you have constant money problems or repeated business failures?

In addition DMP can help with:

  • Interpersonal relationships and fractured families
  • Issues of self-esteem and personal empowerment
  • Residue psychic scars from adult or childhood sexual abuse
  • All forms of domestic and urban violence
  • Post-traumatic reactions to war, torture or devastating loss

This is not a treatment suitable for those receiving psychiatric support.

Anam Cara’s practitioner says, "I have been a successful psychic and healer for many years. I have trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Deep Memory Process, Pranic Healing and Energy Clearing.

“Working closely with Anam Cara as a holistic centre and with Anam Cara’s team of practitioners who offer a range of different and integrated therapies is where I see my practice growing further. Primarily this is due to the high ethics and moral values that Anam Cara represents. I feel aligned with their purpose, holding, helping and supporting of clients. It is very important to the way I work too.

“My own healing journey, and the need for a total integration of my gifts and skills, compelled me to commit to reading a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy & Psychotherapy, journeying further into the body-mind connections which I very much use in my current practice.

“Anam Cara’s team of practitioners provides an umbrella of excellent therapies and a supportive safety net for a client on their journey towards recovery of their full life potential. I feel that being a part of this team is not only a personal blessing for me, but it adds another avenue of healing for clients to choose from. I believe this will be a great unfolding and marvellous journey for us all.”