Holistic Centre for Body, Mind & Spirit

Questions and Answers

Can I just have a treatment – a relaxing massage, for example?

Of course you can. However, because our practitioners are used to working mindfully and in depth, within the wider integrated Anam Cara team, you will find they often will see other potential work or linked treatments that could genuinely benefit you. Nevertheless, because our work is always unconditional, we will not - and never will - insist you take up our suggestions. Our direct experience, however, is that most clients become increasingly intrigued and excited by what they learn and discover about themselves during treatment, and are keen to explore further.

How can what is going on in my body really be connected to my feelings or my mind?

Ancient wisdom teaches us that the body simply doesn't lie – and modern medicine confirms it. Look no further than the simple act of blushing or more complex problems such as panic attacks, anxiety, IBS or eczema. But it is not only in the obvious ways that the mind affects the body - it intimately and honestly mirrors and expresses the deeper thoughts and feelings that we each hold. Consequently the more we are in touch with our true, authentic selves, the more we naturally provide the right conditions for a healthy body; and the more we don't, the more we open ourselves to the risk of physical disharmony, discomfort and eventual illness.

You seem to offer so many treatments and therapies, how do I know what’s right for me?

This is where the Initial Assessment can be so useful. This is because as we listen to your presenting issues and how you express yourself and respond to them, we can accurately discern how you are consciously - and unconsciously - relating and reacting to your life experiences in your body, feelings, mind and spirit. This automatically signposts us to which choice of treatment or action is going to be the most beneficial for you in your current situation. This enables the process to begin and allows your unique programme of care to unfold.

I’m not sure I believe all this stuff really works – why should I try it?

What we look for is a client's willingness to work with us. We cannot want something more than you. Therefore you must be open and willing to make the necessary effort. Please be reassured that we have helped many, many people including those who are not quite sure if this is right for them – but they have committed to trying it and have reaped the rewards. Please have a look at some of our testimonials and case studies to see how it has worked for others. These are all genuine clients, with many of them never having done this sort of work before. Some of them started out just like you.

I have an injury I want to sort out as quickly as possible – can you help with this?

We offer many dynamic interventions and have access to many emergency holistic treatments. However, we believe healing on all levels - body, feelings, mind and spirit - unfolds via an inner wisdom within you, the pace of which none of us can force, dictate or work against. Therefore we respect and work with the pace, depth and discipline your system demands from you and us, whilst always ensuring we do our utmost to inform and support you during this process. It can be quick, or it can be slow, we just don’t know until we begin to work together.

I need to get fit and in shape as soon as possible as I’ve a special occasion coming up – can you help?

There is much we can do because of the diverse range of therapies and treatments we have available. So where we can create a focused and dynamic programme of care which is time sensitive, we will. However, we will also work with you to ensure we share realistic expectations.

I’ve heard stories about some holistic practitioners setting up without any qualifications at all. How qualified and experienced are your therapists and practitioners?

All our practitioners are well established, experienced, appropriately qualified, certified by their professional bodies and individually insured in their areas of work. We also have an extremely in-depth Anam Cara Ethical Contract and induction process that all practitioners agree and sign up to before joining us. This all ensures that the highest standards of personal and professional care are provided to our clients. At Anam Cara we have many practitioners who approach us to ask to become part of our team but we are highly selective as to who joins us.

My problems started long, long ago and I’ve seen just about every specialist going. Is there any point trying Anam Cara?

Yes! We believe a client is always changing and moving on – both consciously and unconsciously. Therefore we know that clients can be ready at different times for different reasons to address their life story or issues. At Anam Cara we want to establish where you are at this precise moment and meet you there, to offer you what you want and what makes perfect sense to you. Being client-led means our work always fits the client and that we ensure they come to know what they are choosing and why.

I’m not sure I’m ready for major changes in my life. Should I wait until I am?

You do not need to wait because change will only happen at the pace you want it to. We believe that change occurs spontaneously, often not at a conscious, thought level – and it occurs at its own natural, organic pace. This doesn't mean it is always easy and often it is not. However, we do believe change occurs at the right time and in the right way. Therefore we believe that to wait is a false concept as there is only ever the now, as it is, in this moment.

I don’t want anyone else to know about the issue I’m dealing with. Can I be sure of your confidentiality?

All of our practitioners are bound by their own respective Codes of Professional Conduct within their own disciplines. In addition to this, all practitioners agree to operate within the boundaries of the Anam Cara Ethical Contract, which sets out exceptionally high standards of conduct expected from them, which includes strict boundaries concerning client confidentiality.

It sounds silly but I don’t even know what the problem is really – or if there is one at all. I can only explain it as feeling unsettled. Can you help?

It doesn't sound silly at all and you are far from alone. This is a typical experience for many of our clients at the start of their journey with us. Often there is just an impulse to come. We always ask that an individual trusts this impulse – and we will explain that it is our job to help them make deeper sense of their decision to come to us, once they arrive.

I’m not a particularly spiritual person but I notice you talk about spiritual things a lot on your website. I’m more of a practical person seeking a practical solution. Would you take on someone like me?

Yes, of course. We will meet you where you are. Experience tells us that the best work is always achieved when we find the right starting point for you; where it makes the most sense to you. The rest of the process can then unfold naturally, as it needs to. You will always direct us to whatever it is that is best for you.

What’s the point in all this introspection when there are people out there with real problems?

While people are comfortable paying large sums to improve themselves in gyms or on professional development, they often seem reluctant to address the psychological and spiritual aspects of their lives. However, ancient wisdom teaches that there comes a time in everyone's life when a need to get to know ourselves at a more deep and profound level is necessary to enable higher levels of health and wellbeing to be achieved. Your problems or challenges are real problems and challenges. Introspection is a natural and necessary process in one's life in order to achieve mature development and growth. As you grow and develop, so you can make an even more positive contribution to your own life, your family, your work, your community and society. This ‘introspection’ is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Will therapy change me into a different person?

It can change you. Not into a different person, but certainly into one who is more able to reveal their deeper, innate and inner potential – to allow you to become more the real you. This growth often brings new wants and needs connected to these inner shifts. Sometimes these changes are easily integrated, whilst at other times cause a more profound soul searching to occur, as the individual is challenged to integrate their deeper truths and understandings about themselves.

Aren’t some things best left alone?

At times, yes. We fully recognise that everyone has a personal threshold as to what they can tolerate at any given time, and that all our life stages have their own unique ‘seasons’. Therefore we always fit the client's frame of reference and only enter their story when asked to do so.

Aren’t all holistic therapies just about the placebo effect?

This is a commonly mistaken and confusing issue. Certainly it is true that much of holistic healing engages and harnesses a person's will and their capacity to visualise their lives differently. But this is not the same as a person helplessly and naively ‘hoping for the best’. Our clients work hard to achieve their successes and are actively involved in their own healing process. They genuinely become more skilled and empowered and much more able to bring about the right inner conditions to achieve ongoing success in their lives.

I’m very ambitious at work and need some strategies for making faster progress. Can you help with this?

Yes. A lot of our choices and options enable a fast-track professional development programme. We can create bespoke programmes as required, appropriate to your needs.

What happens if I trust what you say but it all goes wrong or I just can’t make progress?

We recognise that this can be a very real fear for clients and we have a genuine compassion for this type of concern. Therefore we always create a collaborative, safe and nurturing environment to soothe and settle clients, helping them to engage more confidently in their own programme of care. We are confident we can help you and you will progress.

Can’t I just talk to my friends and family about things – isn’t that basically what the talking therapies are?

At Anam Cara we offer a non-judgemental, mature and psychologically clean environment to enable a client to fully and honestly express their concerns and dilemmas. Our stance is always unconditional and uncontaminated. With even the best of intentions, it is very difficult for friends and family to do this. Our focus is to hear how a client relates to their own experience, without needing to invade their space or correct them. We believe this is something unique to therapy and healing, and that it provides the best possible conditions to enable a person to find their genuine truth and what it is they need to do in order to progress their life more satisfactorily.

Right now, you may be curious, hurt, angry, confused, anxious, stressed, depressed, isolated, trapped. Maybe you've been suffering physical symptoms – such as headaches, back pain, fertility issues, tiredness, IBS, weight problems, panic attacks, immune/autoimmune disorders - that you just can't shake off. Perhaps you're not performing at work as you should be, or you feel your life has lost its meaning, its value or its direction.
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