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What is Sekhem?

Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian healing system which is passed from individual to individual through an initiation process similar to reiki. Sekhem channels an other worldly, intelligent energy that guides us with dynamic speed, precision and strength to the root cause of any problem or issue that we are working with.

As a healing art, sekhem was practiced by the priests of the high temples in ancient Egypt. The word sekhem means ‘power’ or ‘might’, though always in a spiritual or healing context. It is a channelled energy, not our own, drawn from the limitless sea of Living Light Energy, the same energy that permeates throughout the universe and which we all need to power our bodies, minds and spirits, and to enable us to experience the sheer joy of living and loving in our human lives.

As a powerful tool for transformation it has the capacity to accelerate our personal and spiritual development, ultimately connecting us with our own potential and capacity for growth and empowerment. Once initiated our healing work improves exponentially. Sekhem works on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels simultaneously which often avoids the need for a prolonged healing crisis by providing a fast and complete addressing of our deepest disturbances and troubles.

Sekhem helps release entrenched thoughts and unhelpful core beliefs held in our subtle, non physical bodies that create symptoms of blockage and disease in our physical form, whilst at the same time it rebalances our energy systems and fills us with an experience of inner light and expanded wisdom.

Sekhem has a close connection with the Egyptian lion headed goddess Sekhmet – the goddess of a thousand names, of healing and destruction. She destroys all that is no longer of value and brings healing into the world. For us, this represents our connection to the universal energies of destruction and regeneration – birth, death and rebirth. Life is cyclical and an essential part of growth is the death or destruction of the old, of that which no longer serves, so that space is made for the new to be built on a better, more solid foundation. Many people not connected with Egyptian archetypes experience these archetypal energies in their own unique ways.

How does Sekhem work?

Sekhem as a concept and philosophy is different to other energy healing systems. Although some have similar sounding systems, none can compare with this high vibrational energy that works at the soul level. As a dynamic experience it encourages and invites you to take responsibility for your own life with all its challenges, and to heal and grow.

Sekhem cuts through our obstacles and blockages with ease, often helping us to avoid the pain of heart wrenching traumas. It is you who sets the intention for the use of this energy and it is you who works with what is revealed through the insights and experiences that you go on to receive.

It invites you to make a positive and healing difference in your life and the world around you, and thus look forward with excitement and an inner calmness to whatever experiences the changing world will bring you. It teaches you to have confidence and trust in your own, accelerated, unfolding journey.

Benefits of Sekhem

  • Assists in manifesting our goals and healing our bodies
  • Increases our psychic powers and abilities to see energy
  • Improves our feeling of vitality and bringing us more fully into the present
  • Increases awareness of who we are and the relationships we have
  • Accelerates the inevitable process of spiritual development and enlightenment

Your first visit will be longer than subsequent treatments because it includes a thorough assessment. As Sekhem is a holistic therapy, all appropriate aspects of your story will be taken into account, including your diet, lifestyle choices and your wider medical history.

Anam Cara’s practitioner says, “I have been a therapist since 1999 and have studied many healing disciplines including: allergy testing, animal healing, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, Egyptian sekhem, essences, health kinesiology, hopi ear candles, Indian head massage, ionic detox foot spa, reflexology, reiki, sea shell healing, sex therapy, swedish massage and tree spirit healing. I have also studied psychology, psycho-sexual counselling and stress counselling.

“As an experienced holistic practitioner I utilise my many skills to create totally unique programmes for each individual patient. I also believe in the power of prayer and that this coupled with each discipline brings the greatest potential for healing. In addition I believe that healing is enhanced when the patient takes an active part in their own recovery process.

“As a practitioner I share the same beliefs and ways of working as Sonia and the whole of the holistic team at Anam Cara. Therefore I look forward to meeting you and working with you within this framework, all within the beautiful and serene setting that Anam Cara provides for us all.”