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Smoking is a harmful and difficult addiction that is associated with tremendous negative health consequences and significant toxicity.

Anam Cara’s integrated therapies and treatments can help support you on your journey towards complete abstinence. We believe that with targeted diet alongside herbal, nutrient and supplement support, as well as hypnotherapy and acupuncture, you can quit smoking permanently. Therefore the foundation of our programme for smokers is based on blood sugar regulation and adrenal support. Also addressed are the co-existent issues of toxicity and nutrient depletion.

Below is an excerpt from ‘Overcoming Your Nicotine Addiction’ by Dennis Hughes, which summarises the challenges facing smokers and processes they can use as they seek to quit.

Approximately 90% of active smokers would like to quit and wish they had never started. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs that exist, even more addictive than alcohol. Stress and negative moods cause 70% of those attempting to stop smoking to relapse, and 50% of relapses occur within the first five weeks of stopping, because that is how long it takes the body to get through the most intense physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.
Quitting really requires complete abstinence. The biggest issue, however, is the psycho-emotional aspect. If your motivation for giving up smoking is greater than your desire to continue then hypnotherapy could be a very powerful tool to help you achieve your goal. Wanting to give up for your own reasons means you are ready.
Hypnotherapy has, for a long time, been used to help smokers kick the habit and start afresh. It works by contacting your subconscious mind and looking at ways of overcoming the need to smoke, hypnotherapy is a painless, safe and drug free alternative to patches and medication.
Hypnosis is one tool that works especially well for breaking old habits and replacing them with positive, new habits. At any moment a situation can arise which triggers negative emotions and brings up the craving to smoke. This is when you are tested to stay conscious in the moment. Mental and emotional support programmes like hypnosis and meditation have a proven record of success with smoking cessation and can act as a lever to roll the weight of your habit away once and for all.
You can lighten the load of your smoking habit with diet and exercise, but the desire to smoke may keep popping up in your mind. This is where the lever of hypnosis and meditation comes into play.

At Anam Cara we follow the principles of naturopathic medicine:

The origins of naturopathy

The principles of naturopathy were first used by the Hippocratic School of Medicine in about 400B.C. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed in viewing the whole person in regards to finding a cause of disease, and using the laws of nature to induce cure. It was from this original school of thought that naturopathy takes its principles.

  • The healing power of nature- nature has the innate ability to heal
  • Identify and treat the cause - there is always an underlying cause, be it physical or emotional
  • Do no harm- a naturopath will never use treatments that may create other conditions
  • Treat the whole person- when preparing a treatment plan, all aspects of a person’s being are taken into consideration
  • The physician as teacher- a naturopath empowers the patient to take responsibility for his/her own health by teaching self-care
  • Prevention is better than cure - a naturopath may remove toxic substances and situations from a patient’s lifestyle to prevent the onset of further disease

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