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Far from being spontaneous accidents, sports injuries are more commonly accidents waiting to happen.

Research suggests that approximately 85% of all injuries occur because the patient is predisposed to them.

Sports injuries can be effectively corrected and prevented by a full C.H.E.K. (Corrective, Holistic, Exercise and Kinesiology) assessment (see below).

Anam Cara’s personal trainer and C.H.E.K. practitioner can identify the biomechanical patterns of injury that are likely to be the contributing factors to nearly all of the major sports injuries, from hamstring strain to knee injuries, shin splints to Achilles problems, to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and many more. You will be guaranteed a thorough, professional and skilled evaluation of your needs with a full range of therapeutic options available to you.

To avoid sustaining any sports injuries and to be able to compete to your full potential a C.H.E.K. assessment can help to identify your personal needs and enable you to realise your performance goals.

Corrective exercise is a system used to move you towards optimal physical function. Most people have imbalances in their musculoskeletal system due to the way they have used their body over a period of time. This often results in cumulative trauma to the tissues which, across time, weakens the tissues causing degenerative change.

There are only two ways to deal with degenerative change:

  • Reduce the cumulative trauma by optimising the mechanics
  • Increase the rate of healing by optimising nutrition and lifestyle

If you already have wear and tear to your tissues, corrective exercise can give you the tools to correct the imbalances in the muscles and joints.

The C.H.E.K. (Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, Kinesiology) assessment

The C.H.E.K assessment is a comprehensive screening assessment consisting of musculoskeletal, postural and movement analysis. This thorough assessment lasts from two to four hours and covers:

  • Respiration
  • Occlusion
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Function of the upper cervical spine

All of the above are known to limit the physical self as well as interfere with successful pain management.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

NMT is a thorough programme of recovery from acute and chronic pain syndromes which utilises specific massage therapy, flexibility stretching and home care exercises and stretches to eliminate the causes of most neuromuscular pain patterns. This specific and scientific approach to muscular pain relief will help to bring about balance between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. NMT enhances the function of joints, muscles and biomechanics (movement) as well as releasing endorphins, the body’s own natural pain killers. It can also be added as part of a wider comprehensive Anam Cara healthcare package.

NMT will be used to address six factors/elements that cause pain:

  1. Ischemia - lack of blood supply to soft tissues which causes hypersensitivity to touch.
  2. Trigger points - highly irritated points in muscles which refer pain to other parts of the body.
  3. Nerve Compression or entrapment - pressure on a nerve by soft tissue, cartilage or bone.
  4. Postural distortion - imbalance of muscular system resulting from the movement of the body off the longitudinal and horizontal planes.
  5. Biomechanical dysfunction - imbalance of the musculoskeletal system resulting in faulty movement patterns (i.e., poor lifting habits, bad mechanics in a golf swing or tennis stroke, computer keyboarding etc)
  6. Nutrition and emotional wellbeing.

Nutrition & lifestyle coaching

In addition to all of the above we are also able to include this further option.

If you are focused, committed and relish the challenge of using advanced nutritional therapy to tackle the root cause of your symptoms then this nutritional programme of care is for you. Based on the writings of Dr Ray Peat PhD, this programme covers several topics including meal/snack ideas and recipes, supplements, vitamins, minerals, digestion and hormones.

Prior to the initial consultation, you will receive questionnaires and assessment documents for completion. This enables your C.H.E.K. practitioner to tailor a programme in relation to whatever health or performance goal you are looking to achieve. Following the consultation, we may recommend a range of laboratory and diagnostic tests to assess your biochemical status, digestive, detoxification, hormonal and immune functions.

This nutritional programme of care is a highly effective, goal-focused programme which can help you achieve enduring results faster than individual, conventional therapies alone. By the end of the course, you will have collected a comprehensive food and nutrition manual for ongoing and future reference.

Anam Cara’s highly skilled and experienced holistic health and fitness consultant says, “I specialise in designing natural treatment programmes for a wide range of health issues, applying laboratory and evidence-based clinical, cutting edge nutrition and exercise protocols for patients with digestive infections, food cravings, hormonal imbalances such as PMS, chronic stress-related disorders, low libido, low energy, depression, back problems, acute and chronic pain, sports injury and many other health complaints.”

He offers the following options which, when integrated, serve to support healing and ongoing wellness:

  • Cutting edge nutritional coaching
  • Laboratory based assessments (hormone balance, digestive infections and function, liver function, toxicity, vitamin and mineral deficiency)
  • Nutritional supplement programmes
  • Diet and lifestyle consulting
  • Exercise coaching, including rehabilitation and weight loss programmes
  • Neuromuscular therapy