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Step by Step Our Consellors and Psychotherapist Will Help You

Initially, please call us and Sonia will speak to you on the phone before booking you in for your first appointment. We believe this discussion will show that we do understand your situation and would be able to help.

The first appointment is usually for the Anam Cara Initial Assessment, which is a one-hour assessment where we can begin to understand what it is you want and need, and how we can best address those needs. Although only a short, one-off assessment, this session can be invaluable in allowing the significant aspects of your unique story to emerge and your treatment options to become clearer. This applies equally whether you come to us with chronic pain, acute illness, complex physical symptoms, debilitating emotional issues, psychological challenges or difficulty finding meaning or direction.

If you are anxious before your first visit, you can be reassured that the vast majority of clients leave with a sense of relief because finally someone understands or they have experienced some respite from pain they have been suffering. They leave feeling reassured, safe and hopeful. They experience clarity of thought, a feeling that their world makes better sense to them, and a readiness to tackle the situation. This Initial Assessment session is not compulsory though, and you are also more than welcome to begin with a specific treatment with one of our practitioners if you prefer.

Deciding on the best course of action for you is something that we will do together. We will explore whatever issues you come to us with – whether that’s physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual – and give you the insight to understand your situation and how to address it. Nothing will happen without your consent and everything will happen at a pace you’re comfortable with. There are no standard, off-the-shelf programmes of treatment here – we will give you exactly what you need at this particular time. 

However, success depends on you. We know it’s not always easy so rest assured you will have our utmost compassion and commitment but we will not succeed unless you engage and commit to working with us. This is not something that is done to you, it is done with you. We will bring you the awareness to understand your situation – you must bring the will to act and the discipline to work with the practitioners as they offer you advice, reflections and insights. If you find the work challenging, we will support you totally and unreservedly. In fact, whatever your amazing journey entails, we will be with you all along the way.

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So, something’s going on and you’re going to deal with it? Excellent – you taking the initiative is an important first step. We’re looking forward to speaking with you. This page aims to explain what to expect when you call or visit us, and answer questions like ‘Will I get better?’ ‘What will it be like?’ ‘What will I have to do?’. If you have further questions, we would be very happy to answer them and help you discover why we can help you – even where others may have failed. If you don’t have much time to read all this, here’s the short version:

  • You call us.
  • Together we work out what the issue is.
  • Together we deal with it.

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