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Sometimes we need to allow ourselves time to just stop and smell the roses, to disconnect from our hectic world and reconnect with our deeper selves and the rhythms of nature. Learning a process such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung offers us the opportunity to remember our core values and reassess what life is all about.

The benefits

Tai chi, sometimes called ‘moving meditation’, is a low impact, gentle form of exercise suitable for all. Tai chi has many benefits to one’s health and wellbeing regardless of age or fitness levels. Slow, graceful movements encourage relaxation, deep breathing, balance, coordination and a meditative state of mind, the result being a calmer, healthier, stronger and more confident person.

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese art of relaxation using gentle exercise linked to the breath. It opens the meridians of the body, allowing the energy to flow freely to heal and strengthen the physical self. This extraordinary inner technique helps develop mind and body coordination and aids the reduction of stress.

If you suffer from tension, unidentified aches and pains, high blood pressure, sleepless nights, anger, stress, anxiety, low vitality etc then these exercise techniques are for you. They can help you regain your inner strength and clarity of mind. Poor posture, which causes tension and stress in the body and causes a loss of energy, can be improved. By reconnecting to our body we can physically relax, strengthen our immune system, improve blood circulation and breathing and give the mind a space to re-energise. Research has shown these exercises can aid recovery during cardiac rehabilitation, ease rheumatism and osteoarthritis, reduce high blood pressure and improve lung capacity.

The Anam Cara experience

  • Encourages a balanced body and a balanced mind
  • Brings relaxation and stress relief
  • Uses Chi Kung gentle exercise
  • Introduces Tai Chi movements
  • Teaches techniques to release unnecessary tensions held in the body
  • Aids relaxation via guided meditations
  • Space to discuss your on-going practice and experience

Options include one to one tuition or joint couple work.