Holistic Centre for Body, Mind & Spirit

August 2012

Case study – Lisa

All of the case studies you will read here are the experiences of real Anam Cara clients. They have asked for their real names not to be used to protect their privacy but all of them wanted others to know that problems can be overcome, whatever they are.


I had always been a confident, outgoing, able person but a little while ago I started having sleepless nights, waking up at three in the morning with thoughts in my mind going round and round and I just couldn’t switch off. My son was very ill at the time and I was also dealing with that. It got to the stage where I became very despondent and I started wondering if it was still worth living the life I was living. I have always been a churchgoer – and I still am a Christian and I still love God – but at this point I also had a crisis of faith, with the illness of my son at the heart of it. All the big questions were rattling around my mind. What was the point of it all?

One night, I was on the internet and searching under Body, Mind and Spirit. I just wanted to find an outside perspective on my life, to try and work out if my perception had become skewed in some way. I was in a place I’d never been to before and I needed to try and understand it.

I came across Anam Cara, got in touch and then went to see Sonia. Initially when I went, we talked and talked and it took the edge of it a bit but I did wonder if it was worth it – I thought I could talk to my friends and family if that was all there was to it. But after three or four sessions, it started to change.

We addressed an unresolved, deep-seated issue I had with my daughter, something that stemmed from a situation from many years ago. I hadn’t realised what an effect some decisions I’d made had had on my daughter but it became clear that I had been putting up with her bad behaviour because I felt guilty at what I had done and regarded her behaviour as my fault. So I faced the situation, dealt with it with my daughter, stopped her using the situation to her advantage and we’ve moved on.

I also quickly learnt that my situation regarding home and work was a real problem. I lived and worked in the same place, and realised that I was never able to switch off. My work is with people with learning difficulties and they had access to me 24/7.

It seems obvious that I should have moved before but moving was complicated by many other factors too – my family, my way of life, my culture and also my history as we had always lived in this area. So while I was trying to do the right thing by not moving, I was actually drowning under the weight of it all and feeling increasingly chained to a situation I just couldn’t find a way out of.

Having had a few sessions with Sonia, I came to realise that making this move was a hugely important step and it was one she helped me make. I have moved now and it’s been such an enormous release. I feel like a different person. I don’t know why I waited so long, living this torturous life for no reason. I feel like I’ve got my mojo back, regained my purpose in life. My confidence is back, I’m looking forward to work every morning again; I’ve even grown my business. I’m back in the driving seat.