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Us - Psychotherapist and Counsellor Services based in Sutton Coldfield

People can be hesitant or anxious about their first visit to us – that’s understandable as it can be a big step for some people and one you may not have taken before. However, there’s no need to be worried – we’re here to take away your burdens, not add to them. We’ll listen and understand.

Please read through some of our case studies or watch our video testimonials to hear about people like you who have come to us and are so grateful they found the will – even the courage - to make that first step. Often people walk through our door without really knowing why, or wondering why they are thinking so much about an issue that seems so insignificant. Other times, they will come with illness, pain,  an injury or simply curiosity; or they may be suffering and come to us in pure desperation. It doesn’t matter what the starting point is, we will soon get to the root of your situation.

Our aim is to give you insight and clarity around the issues you are dealing with, and to work together to make lasting changes. We will listen to you, we will respond to you and together we’ll decide how we work to our agreed goals. You will be able to speak freely without fear of being judged. And we will work at a pace that will be led by you. Please trust that your journey – though you may not know it now – will soon make complete sense to you.

From the very moment you step through the door you will find yourself surrounded by not only a tranquil and peaceful environment but also a dedicated phychotherapy, counselling and holistic service team who are ready to work with you and who are absolutely committed to providing the best possible programme of care for you. The team is highly qualified academically, spiritually intuitive and exceptionally experienced. They will provide all the tools you need to take care of yourself and take control of your life.

We will make a difference – it may be a slight adjustment or it may be a total transformation but you will know that things have changed for the better.

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