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Natural healing focuses on creating those conditions which help to make a healthier person, and herbal medicines are used the world over to help to encourage and strengthen the body’s natural capacity to heal itself - in fact in many countries herbs are the main source of medicine. It is medicine derived from a botanical origin, and is the oldest form of medicine having been used throughout the ages from ancient civilisation to the present day.

Herbs are composed of complex constituents that have known actions and qualities which help various organs and body systems. A herbalist is able to prescribe herbs, either singly or in combination, in order to address individual health challenges.

Herbalists are trained to treat the patient as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms and will want to address not only the ailment or disease itself but the underlying causes and reasons why it has manifested. Herbs are used safely to treat a wide range of conditions and to encourage the body to gently but effectively restore itself to full health and wellbeing on all levels; not just physical but emotional, psychological and spiritual too. The aim is to help improve the standard of a patient’s general health and vitality and create balance within the body.

Western herbal products are prepared from plants or plant parts in their whole state, rather than by using just a few isolated chemicals, and this means that the active ingredients are provided in a balanced form as nature intended, leading to safer assimilation by the patient.

Usually a herbal tincture (herbs prepared in liquid form so that they can easily be taken as drops) is given, and this is tailor-made to the specific formula required for individual needs.

An initial in depth consultation will be taken to look at your presenting issues and complaints with a full and detailed medical and personal history recorded. A full iridology examination will also be used to provide a wealth of additional information to support your consultation.

To monitor your progress and the effectiveness of your herbs it is vital for follow-up appointments to be scheduled anywhere from two to four weeks apart. As well as the opportunity to adjust your prescription as you move through your programme of care, many come to appreciate the power of correctly prescribed natural herbal medicines and genuinely appreciate the opportunity to discuss in confidence and in depth their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. They enjoy a true healthcare experience as it should be practised.

Anam Cara’s herbalist and naturopathic iridologist (who is a member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists) says, “Natural healing embraces the fundamental truth that within each being is an innate power that supports self-healing and survival, and I use a combination of Western herbal medicine and iridology to help this process.

“Following some of nature’s laws and principles I believe that using the correct herbs for any given situation is one of the most natural means of helping the body to help itself.

“The principles of simplicity, responsibility and change form the basis of the way forward to improved health, and here iridology provides many answers: helping to find a solution closest to the truth of any situation (simplicity), helping to find ways to empower the individual to take command of their health (responsibility), and showing ways in which each individual can release old patterns in favour of newer and healthier ones (change).

“I feel the integration of these principles within the ethos of Anam Cara, with the support and expertise of other practitioners, can only benefit those who choose at this time to journey towards better health and wellbeing.”